Here are few businesses; most of them are already in big demand to make good money while also changing the lives and changing the world and making an impact.

  1. Blogging

First one is blogging to educate people so if you feel like there is a blog that is not meeting certain needs of a niche of people then you should launch your own blog. To help a niche group of people, something more specific needs to be created instead of broader blog that covers a lot of things. Start a blog about what you really fond to talk about and make some detailed posts that are certainly able to enlighten people.

  1. Non-Fiction Book Writing

It is obvious fact that non-fiction book writing can bring huge influence on world. Look at examples of Harry Potter and Hobbit series. Non-fiction book writing really helps people meet certain needs along with entertainment. If you can help people through your experiences and help people through books then you can produce great impact on millions of people as well as one good book could make you earn millions of dollars.

  1. Uber Driving

It is another way to influence people in interesting way. It can be adopted as side business. Uber drivers are affordable to majority of people traveling from place to place. Uber drivers are helping environment as well as people by many means such as reducing fuel emissions due to less car traffic on roads, delivering meals to people, and help in global warming with their go green movement.

  1. Be a fundraising consultant

A way to help people get fundraising for their company or their start-ups hence you could offer services like freelancing on reputable sites like upwork.

  1. Online Coaching/Teaching

You can also start tutoring or teaching different things via video channel in YouTube or create online courses on sites where you can be instructor and start selling courses. This business is able to make you earn more also makes good impact on people’s lives.

  1. Create eco-friendly apps

Another business idea that is responsible for good money and can really be influential on people lives is to design an app or other eco-friendly product. Hence this business is related to helping people with eco-friendly goals.

  1. Improvements Program

One thing that can make you earn a lot of money and make a lot of other folks happier and ultimately make the world a better place is people who have mental issues, drug addictions, who have been sentenced to little bit of jail time and generally people who have hard time to get back to work. Through this program such people can take help and get back to work.


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