How to Become a Visual Merchandising Expert: 3 Tips to Follow

Have you heard about visual merchandising but you are not sure how to get it right?
Follow these 3 tips and become a visual merchandising expert!

Are you a small business owner who runs a retail shop? Looking for a way to decorate your store in a way you can attract more visitors? Have you heard about visual merchandising but you are not really sure how to get it right?

Don’t worry, because you have come to the right place! In difficult markets and industries, it is important not only to concentrate on discounts and promotions but offering buyers with a positive atmosphere and providing them with an impeccable shopping experience. Customers experience is a priority when running a business, there are two methods that can help you provide positive shopping experience – the one method is excellent customer service and the second one is visual merchandising.

In this article, we are going to share important information and tips every retailer should know about visual merchandising. These tips will help you begin with visual merchandising and help you provide a unique experience for your visitors. In other words, you will be able to transform your store into a place where people return again and again to purchase your products.

  • Have a plan: Before you do anything, you need to have a clear plan. There are people who think they don’t need a plan because their store is small and they have everything in their head, but, if you don’t have a plan, you can’t expect to achieve your goals and run a successful retail store. Your plan should include a detailed description and information of what you will do now and in the future. In order to write a great plan, take some time to plan and write down all of your ideas and thoughts.
  • Think like a designer: Have you ever ask yourself – why it looks so amazing when the merchandisers have set up a window display? You should know that there is no magic behind it and that it all comes down to analyzing and understanding the principles and the elements of design. The elements of design are direction, line, size, shape, tone, color, and texture. These elements are the actual things that make your store looks good including the walls, floors, windows, posters, fitting rooms, tickets, signs, and etc. The basic principles of design are contrast, repetition, balance, rhythm, unity, and harmony. These principles form the visual organization. You need to think like a designer, use these basic principles and create a pleasing display for your visitors.
  • Improve the ambiance of your store: Create an unforgettable shopping experience for your visitors by playing music, using a scented candle, and adding the appropriate lighting. It is proven that lighting not only creates positive atmosphere but it helps to minimise theft in retail stores. Hide the light source, show only light beams, and highlight your displays from a certain angle a potential customer will see it. Please don’t hang lights directly on the product as you will create shadows. Analyze how different lights will change the colors of your store and save energy by using LED lights.

These are the 3 most important tips you can use. Besides these, you can also tell a compelling story in your window as the window is the first touch point you have with your potential customer. Keep your store clean, organized, and tidy. You need to make sure your windows are clean and maintain a good appearance of the racks, shelves, and other point-of-sale material. You can also visit other stores and gather new inspirations and ideas you can use for your window!

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